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The Original Cougkie Cutter

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Pickup the original cutter that started it all. Way back in freshman year I made a Coug cookie cutter for my fantastic mom. When she shared it with the WSU Parents' Chat Cafe everyone wanted one and it's thanks to all of their fantastic support back then that I was able to create Back in 2017, I had my trusty 3D printer perched precariously on top of the dresser in my Gannon/Goldsworthy dorm room printing Cougkie cutters 24/7 (Colin was the best roommate in the world and only complained a little about the constant printer buzz). Fast forward to the present and I've created many more Cougkie products and I'm now injection molding the original Cougkie Cutter to insure the highest quality product for all the fantastic Cougs that support me (although the other cookie cutters are still personally 3D printed by me).

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Officially Licensed With WSU
  • Made From Tough and Food Safe PET Plastic
  • Original Design Creative Commons Attribution: user alanting (thingiverse)

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