How to Make Friends at WSU

How to Make Friends at WSU

Moving out of our childhood home to go to college is one of the most exciting and pivotal points in our life. It's something we've all been looking forward too since we where little. Freshman year of college feels like a new start where you can really start to figure out who you are. But what a lot of us never considered is just how scary and lonely an experience it can be, but you're not alone! Most freshmen feel exactly the same way and you just have to bridge that gap and make a connection. One of the best parts of college is the friends you make along the way, my closest friends are all people I met at Washington State University. Putting yourself out there can be hard, trust me I've been there too. So here's 9 tips for freshman Cougs on how to make friends during welcome week and throughout the year.

Tip #1 - Introduce yourself to everyone on your floor

If you let it, the dorms can facilitate a lot of great relationships. You'll find that almost everyone is in the same situation as you and are trying to make friends. So grab your roommate and Introduce yourselves to everyone on your floor, and make sure to let them know your room number so they can come say hey later. Connecting with your floormates goes a long way to making your dorm feel like home. College life is busy and you may not have a lot of free time, having friends just down the hallway can be a godsend when you just need to chill after finishing a tough assignment.

Tip #2 - Leave your door open

I have heard this tip a lot but trust me, it really works! If you prop your dorm room door open you'll be surprised how many people drop in to say hi or ask what you're working on. Something about an open door is just so inviting! This is another great way to meet everyone on your floor if introducing yourself to everyone is just a little too far outside of your comfort zone. 

Tip #3 - Hang out in common areas

Every dorm has common areas and they make for some of the best hangout spots on campus. The dorm I was in (Gannon-Goldsworthy) had a little nook in the middle of each floor that was perfect for working on homework or learning the 9,000 card games you didn't know existed. Hell we'd hook up a console and have a mario kart tournaments. There's always something going in the lounges so they make a great gathering place.

Tip #4 - Go to the welcome week events

As an incoming freshman I really didn't want to go to the freshman events that WSU put on, they just seemed so cringy and try-hard, and I stand by that. They absolutely where! But I did go and I found that we could all connect on just how bad the event was. It's pretty easy to talk to person next to you when you're both cringing at an event that feels like it was organized by the guild of grandparents. I'm still close with a lot of the friends I made at these events so they're totally worth a shot. Everyone else at the freshmen events is in the same boat as you, and chances are if they showed up they're probably looking to make friends too.

Tip #5 - Join a club

There is no shortage of clubs at WSU and don't worry, they aren't all centered around academics although there's a club for any area of study too. I highly recommend finding a club in your major as some of the more senior club members can be an invaluable resource for your classes. But there are also some just plain fun clubs like:

Butches Baking Club 

Aerial Dance Society 

WSU Esports and Gaming Community

Tip #6 - Sit with someone new in the dining hall

The dining hall is another place full of students who are also trying to make some new friends. If you see someone sitting alone, try sitting down and eating next to them. It is much better than eating alone plus you might make a new friend. Dont know what to talk about? Try figuring out what your lunch is actually made of!

Tip # 7 - Get out of your comfort zone and try to meet new people

It's natural to try and stick with the people you vaguely knew in high school who are also going to WSU. I promise you that trying to meet new people is a much better way of making friends than sticking with familiar faces. WSU is home to an incredibly diverse community from around the country and the world. It is 100% worth getting out of your comfort zone to find new friends.

Tip #8 - Go to football games

Come on cougs, we're known for our awesome school spirit and crazy football games so make sure to at least go once, even if you aren't into football. The stands are filled with other students so its impossible not to meet new people.

Tip #9 - Find on campus hangouts

Even outside of the dorms there are a ton of common areas you can hang out at to meet other people. One of my favorite places hangout at is the Flix Cafe just under the Southside Cafe Rotunda. It's got this really cool 50's diner vibe and the absolute best milkshakes. But there are so many hidden gems on campus that make great hangout or study spots, spend a little time exploring and find your favorite spot! 


Hopefully all the new Cougs can use some of these tips and have a great start this semester

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